Help! My Conure bite instead of stepping up


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Oct 3, 2015
So I offer my finger for th3 step up and mu Sunny comes right over like she's gonna step up, grabs my finger ever so gently and then...Wack!! Bites down pretty hard...OUCH!! I try to just hold my ground but it is rather painful. So in short I don't get a step up, just a hard bite. Any suggestions?? I read some people let the bird fall to the ground and leave the room for a minute method. But I don't even get to the part where the bird is in my hand.


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Jan 6, 2014
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Like Crhiswink says, we need more information. But I can say this - that whole 'let the bird fall to the ground' advice - whoever told you that is an idiot.

Best advice I can say is this - don't react. If your bird bites you hard when you try to get him/her to step up - use your other hand to release the bird's beak. Once you've done that, remove your hands from the situation and slowly back off. Try again later and repeat.

If you freak out, your just going to make matters worse. Eventually, you'll be able to prevent 'hard' bites through vocal coaching and positive reinforcement.

But absent any more information - not much advice can be given in your situation.

Another thing - your bird will 'likely' grab your finger with their beak to 'steady' your hand and 'test' it for balance. That's not the same as biting. So don't discourage that behavior - but rather just the hard biting.


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Aug 21, 2015
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try clenching your fist and letting the bird bite the back of your hand as this is heaps less painful :) . Also you may have to place the bird down on a play stand as your bird may feel that you are invading it's territory the cage. As for training o step up get a treat that your bird likes such as millet spray and hold it just behind your finger then press on the birds abdomen and say step up then let it have a treat. :D good luck

btw: from what i have found conures are quite nippy until they become used to you in 7 or more moths.

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