Help my irn is not eating.


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Apr 16, 2015
African Indian Ringneck
Help! My irn has not ate all day. She is 6 weeks old havent change anything she was eating 4 times a day hand fed. Things that has happened since she decided to stop eating are she learned to fly and i let her fly around for about a day and a half then i clipped her wing. She is still happy and playful she just wont accept being hand fed. I have seen her picking at the millet spray but not sure if she is eating it? Forget to say i have had her 2 weeks so this not eating thing is very new and i am new to birds so a lil worried.
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Feb 26, 2013
Clifton Springs Newyork
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Make sure her cage is clean so you can monitor droppings. Keep offering the soft transition food at all times . Is her crop emptying ? Try offering her handfeeding in the morning . Start weighing her [ keep track].She may be transitioning.,any more doubts see a vet Good luck.

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