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Dec 17, 2021
Hello there, hope you all having a good day! I got an issue with my cockatiel (Pika) I cannot understand whats wrong! It been maybe 2-3 weeks he started doing some weird movement with his beak and it sounds like small hisses. I will post a video bellow so you understand! He is playful singing no problem, its just some moments he hisses or he coughs I can’t understand! I already made a meeting with an avian but he will be available on Saturday :( i keep him in a warm room so it doesn’t get worse! Yesterday he didn’t eat very well, but after i came home from work i took him out and he started eating playing singing and time by time he would do the small hiss or cough! I change home like 4 days ago so the place is new to him maybe he didn’t eat because of that, hopefully today he might eat normally! I feed him seed and pellets 50/50 + veggies nearly everyday! Any clues what could he have from the video? Maybe somebody had a similar issue with mine?
Thanks for reading
Much love Gena


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