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Jul 24, 2015
Hi to all,
i need very urgent help i want to buy the this bird and before that I want to know the type of it?
And what all of you advise me on this one should I purchase it or not?
and is this type of parrot is excellent talker?
Which I hear there is three type of blue fronted Amazon
1- Aestiva
2- Aestiva blue
3- Xanthopteryx
The below blue fronted is which one? Can you please help on this?

the pic of bird is on below link

And thanks to all of you in advance
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Jul 10, 2015
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DYH Amazon
Ok, lets slow-down. Buying a parrot that has a very long life expectancy should never be hurried. If the seller is pushing and telling your that you must buy today, that should be a warning for you to quickly walk away.

I noted that the Amazon has a leg band. What are the makings on that band and what is the seller telling you about this parrot, like its age, etc? Is the seller calling it a Blue-Front? The question regarding the band is that most breeders that band their parrots keep records and the information on the band can be used to contact the breeder. Will the seller provide you with the name and contact information of the breeder?

Does this Amazon currently talk? Although older Amazons can learn words, there is no assurance that any Amazon will carry on a conversation. If you want an assured talker and the parrot that you're considering purchasing has few, if any words, you may want to pass on this parrot. There is no promise that this or any Amazon will learn additional words or continue to use the words it already knows. That is more an issue of the level of interest and time you have in teaching and interacting with the parrot.

The Amazon is not a xanthopteryx. For a Blue-Front, its colors are muted. This could be a result of its age (a young parrot). The specific type of Amazon should rarely be the reason for offering a home. Why are you interested in this specific parrot?

Since you do not state where you are seeing this parrot: at a pet store, breeder, or it current owner - or how many times you have visited this Amazon. There is very little to work with in determining whether this Amazon is the one for you. This based around most humans developing a connection with a parrot more than open ended want.

Please take your time! There should never be any time pressure in determining whether this is the correct parrot for you.
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Jul 24, 2015
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Hi SailBoat,
And many thanks for your reply, in fact there is no any pushing from seller to sell this Amazon the issue is I live in middle east country in gulf, and there is only very few Amazon are available on market at meantime.
So I am confuse between this Amazon and African gray which there is a lot in market.
And if I am not wrong I thinks the seller mention to me he import this Amazon from south Africa. And to be honest regard the leg band i did not check it.
Plus the seller which is pet store they said the age of this Amazon is between 7 to 10 months and the name this Amazon is blue fronted Amazon is that true?
Does this Amazon is excellent talker?
So at the end do you suggest me to take this one? Or African gray ?
is African gray is better than this type on talker side.
and thanks to you


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Jul 20, 2012
Yes, the Amazon pictured is indeed a Blue Fronted Amazon. Not sure which subspecies. Do you know how much the bird weighs? IMO the bird is fairly young, and could very well be between 7-10 months.

Many Amazons make exceptional talkers, especially Yellow Napes, Double Yellow Heads and Yellow Fronts. Many Blue Fronts also learn to mimic, but it ALWAYS depends on the individual bird – there is never a guarantee that he/she will in fact talk.

That goes for African Greys, too. Yes, they have by far the absolute best talking ability, but it doesn’t mean they will talk for you.


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Jul 12, 2012
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I'm a bit biased in favor of blue fronts:54: and think they are great birds:D Personally, amazons in general I prefer to other birds. They tend to be very suited to domestic life and are less "sensitive" than other birds. Not to mention, when in a loving home, they are wonderful, friendly, social and intelligent LIFELONG companions. They form strong bonds and are just great birds:) One thing about amazons though (especially males) is when they hit puberty in 4-6 years, it can be a difficult couple years to get through. After that, they really mellow out as a mature bird, but you get a few years of a not so nice bird you have to navigate to get a mellow adult. ALL parrots, of all species, go through puberty but amazons have a particularly notorious reputation for theirs. And yes, they have the ability to talk, but as Wendy said, some individuals never shut up but others never pick up human speech (mine only says a few words, but he's still very smart in other ways!).

That bird in the pictures looks VERY young and may not have all mature colors yet, but appears like he/she may be a hybrid between a.aestiva and a.xanthopteryx. I see features of both. However, regardless of subspecies or if a hybrid, you likely won't find much difference in ability to talk (if the individual wants to) nor behavior.

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