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Aug 7, 2023
Galah Rose breasted
We as a family recently decided to get a pet and after lots of research we found that a bird would be the best pet for us.
We visited a local bird rescue centre 3 times a week for over a month and fell in love with a rose breasted galah.
She is 25 years old, so she is an older bird and everytime we went to see her she was very timid and very quiet.
We was told that galahs was fantastic with children and as we have a 2 and 7 year old we thought she would be the best bird for us.
We finally brought her home over a month ago and within 2 days she was very much settled and always comes over to the front of the cage for head scratches ect but.. she is sooo loud and screams a lot!
It's a ear piercing screech and it makes my youngest cry as its so loud and obviously with a bird screaming and a toddler crying it's a hard combination.
It seems to be when she is not getting any attention but she gets a hell of a lot attention but we cannot do it 24/7.
I have also noticed she seems to prefer my husband and is at her loudest when he is not home or when he leaves the house. I feel she is screaming for him.
She comes out the cage all the time so she has her freedom to fly around ect.
I totally understand birds make noise but is it normal for her to be screaming constantly as loud as she does?
We was told when we purchased her that she wouldn't make a lot of noise 🫣 Boy was they wrong.
I have read online about things to do to help and it said cover her cage for time out.. tried this once.. never again as she went crazy.
It said to ignore her when she is screaming till she calms down.. this does not work if anything it makes her worse.
It said to move her cage as she may not like the spot she's in.. tried that but no change.
I really do not want to give her up but the noise is something else and I'm trying everything I can think of to help and I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone had any advice or if this is just how galahs are.
She's not a stressed bird in any way, she absolutely loves cuddles and is very well looked after so I do not think it's stress. I genuinely think it's when she doesn't get the attention. But how can I train her to know she cannot have attention 24 hours a day?
Night times she's fantastic. I usually shut all the curtains around 9pm and go upstairs and leave her to sleep and she's silent till around 8am. Even if I come downstairs in the middle of the night to make my youngest a bottle she doesn't make a sound.
Any help is very much appreciated 🙏
Thank you


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Sep 17, 2021
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Hi there, I’m sorry to hear about your galah. I myself have minimal experience with them. Hopefully someone who lives with one chimes in. In my experience with parrots they all have a tendency to contact call. Some are just more loud than others. They contact call rather it’s for their human friends, or other parrots. There are things to minimize this. Like trick training, toys, and anything to avoid birdie boredom. Keeping them entertained is the key to less screaming for my parrots. I don’t think anything will completely get rid of any parrots contact calls. It’s the #1 complaint of parrots that I see on here, and hear from anyone who has, or currently owns a parrot. There are different species that are known to be vocal, and others who are known to be quiet.

Your galah is so cute by the way. I hope things do work out.

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