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May 1, 2022
Hello, just wondering if anyone can help!

We have a conure and we have had her from a baby she come silly tame... We have had her 2 years now...

All has been great she would eat with us play watch TV cuddle everything.

Now it all seems to have gone wrong!

We got a puppy golden retriever who is now 4 months old they get on fine just leave each other alone (now the parrot walks around the house on the floor following each other ) ๐Ÿ˜‚

The parrot since getting the dog has started biting mainly me (who was her favourite) the biting has got worse and worse..

Started with fingers and now it's any skin.

My partner was in the shower and she loves coming up an playing whilst we shower (dances and sings)... I started walking up the stairs and she heard me flew on to my head and took a bite of my face and neck.. I got hold of her and she has wripped skin off my finger.

Can someone suggest what's gone on and what we can do to correct it. It not only hurts with pain but emotionally it's heart breaking to see her like this and we want to try everything to stop it!

Any help would be appreciated!!

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