1. A

    Nanday conure aggressive

    Hello I recently bought a Nanday conure from a bird shop my mom bought it and she told me about the place it seemed sketchy. They said they had a warehouse where they breed birds. They didn’t give her any paper that indicates the bird was healthy nor did they give us his hatch date. They said...
  2. moss

    new bird owner

    so I recently got a cinnamon green cheek and he is the sweetest thing ever and happens to be really vocal. however, I have noticed that lately when he is sleeping on my shoulder he sometimes makes a small wheezing sound. I'm not sure if this is normal or if he's talking to himself in his sleep...
  3. Hobs

    Tidy Tips

    As newish bird owners we thought we would reach out to the masses and learn from your trial and error over the years! What is the best cleaning/ mess remediation tips and tricks you have come up with?
  4. imouse1

    Conure producing dander--help!

    I didn't know this before today but conures aren't supposed to make dander. I was looking up something that might help him alleviate his flakes and found out they're famously non-dander producers. I tried looking up what could make him and all I got were results for, "Conures don't." Thanks...
  5. Oli

    Rats and Rat Mites?

    A couple of days ago my landlord removed some rats from my attic. I know it's not unusual for rat mites to leave their host and search for a new one when the rats pass. I think I'm just being paranoid, and Juliets' not acting any different than usual, bit I'm curious of anyone has ever heard of...
  6. My bird

    My bird

    this is my bird at a local parrot cafe also I am looking for a way to connect two cages together because I have a spare cage.
  7. Parham

    Need help\advice. new Green cheeked Conure. 8 weeks old

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and and first time pet owner. 12 days ago I decided to get a GCC, I've been meaning to get a bird for about a year now but after barely surviving a very bad case of covid, I decided to do so as soon as I am healed and capable. I've been stalking birds ads for a...
  8. Kamarro

    And We have some progress here!

    Hey guys! I wanted to give a little update on “training” today my Clyde didn’t want to go back into his cage! It makes me feel so happy that he’s comfortable with me to the extent of not wanting to go back to his cage. 🥰 We’ve been working on step up and he’s nailed that one down and will step...
  9. pmaddie21

    Need help with my bird's poop!

    Hi ! I'm new here and i don't know if i'm doing it right but i need some help !! I have a sun conure mango he's about 5-6 months old and he was sick couple days ago. He threw up like 4 times at home so I took him to the emergency but they kicked us out because they don't have an avian vet or...
  10. Oli

    Feather question? Black part on feather shaft.

    Hello all, long time no post. Juliet (pineapple green cheek) and I are doing well. She just celebrated her 6th hatchday recently and we are very close. I understand her very well now and pretty much all severe biting and behavioral problems have subsided with age. She recently had a yearly...
  11. chloe.millar

    Re-homing my green cheek conure :(

    Hi there! My name is Chloe, and I got Bree (my GGC) when I was 14. I did extensive research and felt extremely prepared to take care of her, and I was. Unfortunately due to mental health issues at that time, I was hospitalized, and when I got back my mother had gotten rid of her. Fast forward...
  12. R

    im not sure if my conure is unwell or not

    I have two conures, cinnamon (female, olive) and green cheek conure (male, rio). both are bonded and share the same cage. I was gone for 4 months so im not sure what their activity level or diet was like (even though i specifically ask ed for mainly pellets diet with fruits and veggies and...
  13. Little poser.jpg

    Little poser.jpg

    Kiwi likes having pictures taken.
  14. Hat hanger

    Hat hanger

    Kiwi hanging on to the brim of my straw hat.
  15. B

    Conure randomly gets hyper on shoulder

    So I have a GCC who is coming up on 10 months old. When he is on my shoulder randomly , and I can tell when it’s gonna happen everytime, he starts to talk and go a little crazy shifting side to side and after he does that specifically in order he will lightly nip my neck/ear. If I were to let...
  16. G

    Insurance yay or nay

    Hi all. I have a baby green cheek (Teddy) and a superb parrot (Poppy). I am absolutely loving being a parrot mum to all my feathered friends. But my little turquoise friend has a love for mischief. I had not considered pet insurance before he started investigating and trying to eat everything...
  17. B

    Conure nose with water

    So my conure has had this issue where his nose is sometimes leaking water. He loves to dunk his pellets into his water and sometimes even dunk his head to get the pellets. He’s done this since he was a baby, sometimes his nose leaks for a day and other days he’s perfectly fine. He’s 9 months now...
  18. B

    How long did it take for your conure to be fully trained?

    So I've had my green cheek conure since end of January of this year. He was born in November and is 9 months old. My first conure , he's a good boy, loves to cuddle and is a little clumsy which i love him for. He knows quite a few tricks , still has his moments where he nips but not hard...
  19. S

    2 month old baby Jandaya conure feeding

    Hello everyone, I got a 2 month old Baby Jandaya conure yesterday. I have been told to feed her 5ml every 8 hrs. Which I have been doing since I got her, but for some reason she's always hungry. I am afraid that I'm not feeding her enough, she's always bobbing her head and trying to suck on my...
  20. CubicBoron

    Rehoming Sun Conure in Arizona

    Hello all. I'm looking to rehome an 8 year old sun conure in Arizona, preferably in Maricopa county but anywhere works. Loki is an incredibly sweet bird once he trusts you. No behavioural problems. I hate to have to rehome him, but I'm moving into a dorm (uni student) and no one in my house...