1. TeekoGreenCheek

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Teeko, and the family. wanna wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving! I will be busy the day of. So I probably won't have time to post anything! But less we not forget those who are less fortunate. And, what the meaning of giving and kindness is all about! And that includes our birds as well! I...
  2. M

    GCCC Over Preening

    Hello All! I have an 8.5yo Green Cheek Conure (Pip) who has within the past few weeks begun overpreening. I've had him for almost a decade and he's never exhibited this behaviour before. He's chewed all the flight feathers off on his left wing, ans all his tail feathers. I can't for the life of...
  3. itslizze91

    leo dancing

    Leo doing a little dance
  4. itslizze91

    About 3 or 4 month update

    Hi everyone, this is my update from the last time I’ve shown Leo he was on all seed diet when I got him now he has converted to pellets and chop he has learned to step up to do target training!! he is doing an excellent job on that!! He’s starting to love baths(misting bottle, bathtime)!! He...
  5. E


    I just recently posted a thing my birds stinky “breath” to which a few people showed concern so I made a vet appointment- he went this morning and she cleared his crop of old food and set him on an antibacterial med well since then it seems like he’s completely changed - he’s quieter; very...
  6. E

    Not sleeping

    My pineapple green cheek isn’t sleeping the full 12 hours. I’m not doing anything to wake her up but she always wakes up before 12 hours or even 10 hours. What can I do to help her get her sleep
  7. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko almost broke his leg!

    So sad weekend for teeko guys.. I wanna post this for people so they know this can HAPPEN!..and, to make sure you check your cages!! So with that being said.. I came home from work, And I didn't hear Teeko start yelling because... he usually does when he hears the I automatically knew...
  8. chloe.millar

    Bree the Pineapple Green Cheek Conure! California

    This is an incredibly difficult post to make, and it has taken years to come to this decision. I’ve posted in this forum multiple times requesting advice on if I’m the best home for my green cheek conure. I got Bree when I was 14 (currently 19) and I wasn’t able to truly grasp what I was...
  9. Jacob1302

    Concerning Conure Behavioral Change

    My pearly conure (2 years old), has recently had a Behavioral change and I'm a little concerned about it. I need to preface this that I have extremely bad anxiety when it comes to my bird, and even the slightest change ill freak out over, so this might be nothing. 3 days ago I had the day off...
  10. E

    help me please!!

    we used to hold my conure, hartley, a lot and then we got a dog so we don’t hold him as much anymore. my older brother was good with him and held him more than anyone else. hartley had a strong bond with him. however, last year, my brother left for uni and for the first while no one held hartley...
  11. E

    Arts and Crafts

    I know conures are very respiratory sensitive. But how sensitive? There’s this craft trend that involves papier-mâché. Can I use elmers glue around conures? Or even mod podge? Obviously wouldn’t be up close and personal but still same room?
  12. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko is scared of the dark guys.

    So it's 8:00pm I'm trying to get Teeko into his cage to get ready for bed, but he refuses because he likes to sit on the top or on his side perch and stay up as late as he can..the moment I dim the lights down he wants to fly off his cage, and fly to my bed, and get on my hand. He will just sit...
  13. R

    Conure won’t come out of cage!

    Hi everyone, I’m quite new to this site but I thought I’d give it a try. Basically, I’ve had my green conure, Kiwi, for around 4 years. He was given to me when I was 12, and I took the best care of him alongside my mom. I took him out basically every day, but sometimes I would not do it if I...
  14. M

    When to train 9 week old conure.

    Just recently (2 weeks ago) I got a 8 week year old gc conure, she was still formula fed for about a week but fully weaned (this was just due to how little she was). She is lovely, very affectionate when she wants to be, but also has her little toddler freak outs when she’s tired and can’t find...
  15. TeekoGreenCheek


    Teeko is a Cinnamon Conure he was adopted from Pet Smart, he actually wasn't (just honesty) My wife and I walked up to Teeko, and it was love at first sight. He wasn't just ordinary..Teeko was special and, we could tell, he was alone, and he loved the attention. He was scraping...
  16. Teeko


    Teeko is a froot loop
  17. Genieb03

    Cage Aggression Advice?

    I have two conures, a black capped named George (5M) and a green cheeked named Nova (2F). Genders are presumed. The Problem: -Nova is very aggressive. They live in a 7’ tall x 4’ wide x 2’ deep homemade cage. All materials are bird safe and have had zero issues with safety (aside from a light...
  18. Teeko listening to music with me.

    Teeko listening to music with me.

  19. TeekoGreenCheek

    Teeko says hello everyone.

    Since Teeko and i have joined this site our friendship has grown way stronger. you are all such amazing people. thank you everyone for your help, all the things i have learned is all thanks to you. Sincerely Teeko and Dakota.
  20. cosmothebirb

    My GCC doing a weird dance???

    Hello! Cosmo the birb again! So I just put him on the table a moment ago and he reached for my finger and as I moved it away he did this hilarious head and body movement. I'm attaching the videos, apologies for my laugh but it was just too funny to me, I've never seen birds do this??? He is...