Henri/y :)


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Nov 1, 2014
Middle Earth
Ethyl the cockatiel, Henry & Clarke the IRN's, and Skittles the lovebird (my daughters)

This is Henri/y! ( not dna'd).
He's our happy, healthy, 10 month old ringneck :D He was a long time coming! He was hand reared by a lovely girl who was unable to keep him, so passed him on to her father. Her father tutored at a polytech, and he went with him every day to work, popping from one students shoulder to another. He knows how to 'kiss kiss' gently, and has such a huge array of sounds! He's very, very good with my young children - although my children are very,very good with parrots, one grandparent has a Galah, the other a Sulfur so they've got beak respect :)

So excited to be inspired by these forums!
What a gorgeous bird, and in perfect feather. Henry sounds very close to perfect. Wishing you many years of companionship.

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