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Feb 21, 2016
Red rumped parrot named Paco
Hello, my name is Muresan Vlad Mihail aka Murii I'm 18 years old and I'm almost done with high school.From the 13th of this mouth I bought a male red rumped parrot named Paco. At first I did not know what to choose since this is my first bird and there are many types of birds species to pick from. So I was thinking between Cocktails and Paco. After a long debate with myself I picked Paco because I find him beautiful and I heard he can live a lot so that was a big plus for me(15-32 years,am I wrong??) and now I can say I'm starting to really love him :)
I bought him from a local pet shop store where he has been kept in a cage with his girl friend for ~1 year. He has not been fed by hand and that's why it was a challange to tame him but now I'm pretty sure he's tamed because I can keep him on my shoulder he listen to my command when I tell him to step up and he's not scared by me or my family at all. We talk everyday and he stays with me in my room,so he's forced to like me :09: and my activities.
But yeah... he seems happy and I'm trying to take care of him the best I can.
By the way, is it okay for him to only sleep once per day and that being 7-9 hours?:rainbow1:
Welcome Murii and Paco!
Welcome to the forum Murii and Paco! I also think he is taking naps through the day. Mine sleep for 11 -12 hours at night, then nap during the afternoons.
Glad you joined us!

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