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Jan 17, 2007
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:eek: hi ..i just found this site..my great hubby redid our comp. and lost my list of forums..so..here i am..who knows i may have been on here before..LOL..if not.so far i have really enjoyed the post i have read..especially the one about the grey biting her..sorry i forgot your name but i am sure you all know who i mean..god it brought back memories of my grey when i first got her..she was a loveable teddybear at the shop with the owners but..when we got home..NEW STORY!!! she did fine once i got her to step up but boy she would run like crazy away from me any time i got my hand near her..so i backed off and let her come out on her own and just talked to softly when i walked by her cage and then gave her treats through her door..after 2 weeks she now lets me pet her kiss her even her wings and tail..the grey we lost in oct. never would let us near her tail..it took alot of time and ALOT of patience..but then that is all i now i have..she will let anyone hold her as long as i get her off of her cage..my thing we are working on now it for her to let my hubby pet her..she will in time..it sure is nice to read from other bird lovers who don't think i am crazy..i also am breeding my parrotlets for the first time..still no luck on that..i have a 9 month old blue/gold macaw i hand raised from 3 weeks old..now that was so great..she is a blessing , and i am not scarred of her as i was of sny macaw before i got her..as soon as i get my pics back onhere i shall post some..that is if i learn how..LOL..sorry so long...how is your grey now???love to know..


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Sep 7, 2006
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Hi there, nice to have you join us. Think it may have been me and the biting Grey. :D It can't have been that bad as I seem to still have all my fingers, well at the last count. :D

Look forward to seeing the pics, and hearing more about you and your guys.

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grey.
I moved your post to its own thread as more people will see it then.​


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Dec 6, 2006
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First off....


And I think that I might be the crazy biting CAG... ummm I mean I have the crazy biting CAG. Hmmm, well I guess all of us with Greys have the biting problem at one point in time. but I am happy to say that she is doing much better (knock on wood) She is still a little cage aggresive, but I put on the leather glove and she seems knows that glove = coming out time. I have had her sence Dec. 15th, she hasn't let me touch the wings and tail yet. I hope she will by spring she I can harness train her for it but I am sure thats going to be a work in progress.

I have been letting her wonder around of the floor every so often (with a close eye on her because of the cat) But she doesn't really seem to do anything when she is down there, most of the time she will come over and stand on my and just chill out there, or look up at me in a begging mannor to come up. She is becoming quiet the commical parrot.

I love her very much, just wish she could be down stairs all the time :(
But that would be very unsafe for her
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