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Dec 23, 2005
9 Year old Senegal, Kinser
6 Year old Nanday,
1 1/2 year old German Shorthair pointer, Nopi
Parrots I have owned in the past:
Sammy 7 year old Goffin
Lucky, Quaker
Gabby, Rainbow Lory
Hi I am new here and own a almost 9 year old senegal and just got a almost 6 year old Nanday.
I have however owned various parrots.
I had a 8 year old Goffin that I recently had to give up. Here is our story.

I bought my goffin before I had kids. After I was due to have a child very unexpectedly I decided after much though that it would be best to find him a good home. I was all alone and felt that I would not be able to give him the time required. I did find him a home with a lady who had several large parrots and seemed to do well with him..
I now am married with two kids. About a year ago I had answered an add locally for an african grey. I had been looking to get back into parrots since I missed mine terribly It turns out that lady had my goffin. I went to go visit him and took pictures of the awful living conditions. She had 30+ birds in her care in a trailer that she didn't even live in. Most birds were plucked and didn't even have a toy in their cage. IT was very sad. Most didn't have fresh food or water. I took the pictures to animal control and to the state vet but no one would do anything because they had food, water and shelter. I bought my goffin back of course but had developed a screaming problem. He had also been housed with much larger birds so he had picked up some larger bird screams. Anyway my husband couldn't deal with the constant screaming. I didn't know what to do so I contacted a local rescue. I did give him up to them but one of the directors adopted him as he was such a special bird. I have sinced joined that rescue. Anyway now I get updates and talk to his new mommie on the phone about him. He is adapting very well. They did take him to the vet and found out that he is partially blind and can only see grey? shapes. The vet said that this was due to malnutrition when with that terrible lady. That is why he was screaming so much. If he couldn't hear or smell me he would scream to see where I was. I am so sad that I had to part with him again but I now know that he is in a forever home that can handle his physical obstacles.
That is where my Nanday comes in. I just found him in a add online. He was owned by people that just weren't parrot people. They only took him out about once a week and squirted him in the face with water when he is loud. He is doing very well adapting to my home. :eek:
I just want to mention that my husband loves our fids but he and my son have ear problems and with my goffin his ears litterally hurt when he screamed.
Nice to meet you and and I look forward to reading thru posts.


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Sep 7, 2006
Hi again, :17: Isn't it awful when we have to give up our beloved fids, to a good home, to have to find out that "That good home is awful" I really do feel for you. The thing you have to think about is "You would NEVER have rehomed him to someone like that if you had known how it would turn out. You took everystep possible to help those other birds, and took your Goffin with you when you left. The happy ending :17: :D is that he now has a really good home that you are lucky enough to be able to share. It makes me so angry when I hear that people are mistreating any animal especially magnificent fids. I just really can't understand it.

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