How long can an infection lay doormant?


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Nov 17, 2020
Hi all.

Kinda a follow up post from my previous thread.

Took my cockatiel in for his blood work and xrays today due to his sneezing.

The procedure went well and xrays were normal same with hematology.

The vet did say that there is a low white blood cell count which could be due to a chronic infection.

Whilst he was out they took swabs from multiple place in his mouth and vent I think. I can't remember exactly what the vet said. I decided to have a PCR test and culture done to try and pinpoint the infection to be able to have the best shot at choosing an antibiotic that will be effective.

My question is basically is this my fault? Could he have caught the infection when he was still in the pet shop. I got him July 4th 2020.

I am a clean freak and use F10 to disinfect his food and water dishes daily. I full disinfect/clean his cage weekly. I also wash my hands before handling him. He has an air purifier on 24/7. I really hope that we get some results from the further testing and can use an effective antibiotic to treat the potential infection. However in the worst case scenario and he passes is there anything else I could've done? I feel as if I didn't do enough for him.


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Oct 27, 2016
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I wouldn't blame yourself. Sometimes infections just happen no matter how clean and careful we are. You seem on top of it so I really wouldn't worry about him passing. Think about it, sometimes you just get sick for no apparent reason. It happens we just need to treat it and move on.


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Aug 2, 2018
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Chlamydia is a chronic infection that he could have had since you got him from the pet store ( its not one he would have gotten unless exposed to another bird or something contaminated from Another bird) its a weird infection that can go dormant and hide inside their bodies. Then due to stress can reactivate , even molts or moving to a new home. It can re active , or be chronic low grade or it can be very serious. If this is what he has ( and I have no way if knowing that)

So thats just an example of one I know of. And it relatively common, personally I think most parrots get exposed, some resolve , some become chronic shedders , some it remain dormant unless tge burd gets duck with something else or really stressed, child, starved or something.

Its treatment is doxy for 45 days ( if that what he has )

Since I'm not a vet there is plenty to I don't know! :)

You didn't do anything wrong. I'd say you are doing everything right. You've got a veterinarian a d they are being g through.

Sending well wishes to you. Hoping everything is figured out and resolved

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