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Dec 30, 2022
Hyacinth macaw
hello friends.. i am searching for a hyacinth macaw. anyone know from where i can find a breeder for hyacinth macaw please advice...
thanks and regards...
Best of luck to you on your search. Do be prepared for some price shock. They sell many thousands of dollars.
I got to hold one, magnificent bird I must say.
Not from a breeder directly but Parrot Stars in Illinois does get them in occasionally from Florida.

If you are planning on getting a Hy, most cages out there will be destroyed by a Hy if the bird is a destructive one and you won't know that until they start popping the welds. Stay away from the nightmare dealing with Animal Environments. You will be waiting over a year all the while Carmen will feed you the line that 'they' are so busy when in fact there is no factory or any other employees.

Expandable Habitats will double weld the cage when you say it is for a Macaw and that cage will outlast any destructive HY.
Hyacinth Macaw: The most recent I have seen was over $50,000 USD. With the needed support equipment, and you are quickly coming in on 75,000 USD.
They are truly amazing Parrots, but far beyond most individuals abilities. If you do find one, remember that you will want a serious upgrade of the security systems in place around and within your home as they are prized by those that want to steal them for some really big money and quickly.

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