I am winning....Getting budgie kisses now


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Jul 14, 2017
A crossover Quaker Scuti (F), A Sun conure named AC, A Cinnamon Green Cheek conure Kent, and 6 budgies, Scuti Jr. (f), Blue (m), yellow (m), clark Jr. (f), and two babies Dot and Zebra.
I've got four of the six that will give kisses.....:love:

Always in low light but they don't fly away, I THINK it has to do more with fear of the conures territorially claiming me. The reason it has to be dimmer. Or them already in cage. It started when the yellow one started wooing the Quaker and I'd feign being hurt when I'd slowly go in and get a "bite" (OMG ouch you savage) sort of built up his reputation as an awesome protective boyfriend. Now he will actually sit on shoulder if everyone else is in the cage. (he realizes the scam to woo his 7 times his size gf)

I can even boop (touch beak with fingertip) the beak of him and two others with my finger in broad daylight. The fact that they aren't afraid of hands is a good sign methinks.

Just wanted to share if you take the time...... Use patience. They come around.

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