I have a (possibility bad) aviary idea.

Jul 1, 2021
2 male cockatiels
So in my yard there is an playhouse that isn’t used anymore. It is slightly dirty but mostly just has lots of things in it that would have to be taken out, and would need some cleaning before I would even consider putting my cockatiels in it but I was wondering could it be turned into an aviary? I don’t think my birds would sleep in it but could they go in it during the day? I would of course put perches/toys and maybe a cage. It is a little over 8ft by 8ft and a little over 6ft tall. There is carpet in it and I would need to either put down hardwood flooring or cover it with something. I have 2 male cockatiels and am considering getting a mate for the younger one to breed them. It does have a lock on the door and is insulated It also has an extention cord run out to it.


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Sep 21, 2021
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as flboy said they will fly the secoend you open the door
i wouldnt do this there are plenty of ways to make this safe but its expansive and will not be 100 precent safe buying a macaw size cage and putting it outside would be a better idea
and i wouldnt breed if there is no profinal breeder near you and if you cant locate an emegancy avain vet near you as well
and alot of stuff can go wrong in breeding espaciely first timers (in both birds and owners/breeders) so i wouldnt segest breeding him

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