I must be ill????????????


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Sep 7, 2006
I think I must have an illness, firstly I clean and scrub the house from top to bottom and apart from the aching bones there was no ill effects, but today well thats a different matter. I was in the mood for baking, and me I HATE cooking of anysort and only do it cos I have to. But today I was doing some work, which I have let lapse just lately, and then it hit me, MUST BAKE A CAKE, :eek: I think the last time I felt that way I was about 18 years old, 1 or 2 years ago:03: So if anyone has any suggestions as to what could possible be wrong with me, please let me know, Oh and before the suggestions start coming in I HAVE NOT GOT A BUN IN THE OVEN! so to say. Just thought I'm make that clear right away :04:

OMGOSH! My mom and I were sick that way too!!!! She scrubbed the grout inbetween the tiles downstairs while I took apart the birds cages and did a bleach scrub bc they were at the breeders for the weekend! WIERD!!!!!!!!!...it's a European thing...I swear! We are from Poland:)
Peta, come on over.. I need some of your energy!!:eek:
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Emily, yep done all the grouting bathroom and kitchen, cages, dogs even got a scrub, wardrobes, you name it I scrubbed it.

MKay they way I'm going I'll be able to swim over, my going rate is a nice cup of coffee,

Alison, as soon as I'm finished with MKay's I'll be on my way.

Not sure why this strange behaviour is happening, but even the birds and pets run and hide when I come down in the mornings, lol:04: :D

I have four different flavours of Starbucks along with Folgers Dark Roast all here for the choosing. Can't get through a morning without coffee! You can have a whole pot and some to swim back with, if ya'd like!
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I'm on my way!!:04:
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Oh cake and coffee, sounds good to me.:jumping40

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