I think I found a solution to a problem I didn't know I had.


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Dec 24, 2006
Late every afternoon Skippah goes nuts with his flock calling. I love it and cant wait for that time of the day to roll in.
I noticed that is when he seems the most active, so I wondered if that was the time to work on stepping up and being picked up and handled, and maybe more importantly, to get him away from his cage for a while. (he lives on top his cage 24/7 and hasnt got off it for 2 weeks).
So I waited till he started going off and gave him heaps of attention, got up on a kitchen chair and got way above him and started really handling him confidently, without it being aggressive. I pick him up and hold him still then lift him off the cage and walk into the other room. Each time there is less and less panic from him. He just wriggles free and beefs up to prove he isn't scared then struts back to his cage. THe problem was when ever I left the room when he is in this mood, he would go nuts with the calling. I loved it, but it seems no one else did. So now everytime he flock calls me, I return in my own time and get into the training till he gets peeved with it all. the wash up is he wont flock call when I leave the room coz he knows that means he has to do some training(work) when I get back. But the other wash up is that he is being handled so much more and is less paniced about it each time.
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Sep 7, 2006
Hey way to go Red, that is great news, and great idea to make sure you are far above his natural eye line. That is brilliant news, but don't forget that he will soon get wise to your trick, and stop flock calling, your then gonna have to find another way to keep up that training. You are gonna have to stay one step ahead of him all the time. :D

Great news though Red.

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