If Bucc wants, Buccs gonna get


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Sep 7, 2006
Jemma (my daughter) was getting ready to go out on Saturday evening, she was trying to eat her meal but then Bucc spied it, now as we all know if Bucc wants it, it must be his and he's gonna get it. lol.

Jemma trying to get some food.
I know the feeling ok. Dobby our rainbow lorikeet shares our dinner with us every night. But how can you say no to such a special little creature hey.:D
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There's no way you can say no to these guys, but as bird parents would we really want to. I know I wouldn't. He wouldn't take no for an answer anyway. lol
LOL Peta! I love Bucc! I know in my house too, the birds get what they want. :D
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Great isn't it. Its a case of if he sees it, it must be his, so get your hands off. :D Wouldn't have it any other way.

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