Introducing Skittles!

Nov 12, 2019
New England
4 budgies, 1 cockatiel, 1 canary winged parakeet
Hi everyone, I’m so excited to FINALLY introduce the newest member of our family and flock! MBS strikes again, but this time it was mutually agreed upon, so that is always a bonus! Kiwi (brotogeris species) is still a sore spot for me, but anyways, I’m getting distracted.

Skittles is a GCC hatched on March 24 and came home about 6 weeks ago. Hand raised, hand fed, and an absolute LOVE. Skittles loves baths, chop, every toy, and lots of attention. Skittles dislikes are yet to be identified, so far there have been none. I’m sure we will figure those out eventually but for now there’s nothing to report.

The all clear on the bloodwork came in today, and in 2 - 3 more weeks we will start the introductions to the rest of our crazy bunch. We didn’t go for the DNA gender reveal this time, but plan to do that at the next appointment.

Skittles is successfully target trained, and is aware of the mirrors in our house. We are working on teaching him about our windows one by one. I expect this to take another couple of weeks. We have a lot of windows and Skittles is easily distracted so I anticipate this taking longer than it did with everyone else, except for the budgies. They took what felt like FOREVER!!! Seriously I think it took us about 6 weeks for all 4 of them. Once the windows have been learned and mastered I will start to introduce him to our flock.

without further rambling…photos of Skittles are below!


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