Is using a bug bomb in crawl space under house safe if parrots are removed during bomb?


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Mar 3, 2018
My parents have African Grey and Amazon parrots and just told me they had to use a bug bomb in the crawl space under their house for a gnat problem and I'm concerned about the parrots safety.

They took both birds to the pet store to stay during the bombing and then brought them home about 4-5 hours after.

They said they kept all vents closed and furnace turned off before, during, and after the bombing, and they had vents in the crawl space that lead outside open to air it out.

However, it's a one-story house and the birds walk regularly on the floor above the crawl space so I'm kind of concerned if the chemicals could penetrate the flooring in any way, considering the bomb went off under the floor.

They have tile flooring in the kitchen and bathroom and wood flooring in the living room. I assume there are layers of floorboards/cement in between the flooring and the crawl space, but I don't really know anything about these bombs and how they might seep through surfaces.

I think they used this Elanco Advantage Fogger from Petco.

Does anyone with pet birds have experience using these bombs safely, and do you think my parents birds will be ok based on their precautions taken?

Thank you


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I used a bug bomb once.
A hive of bees (killer bees? I did not check Id) was setting up house in our attached garage.
I remember it very well, was in 2003.
I have a huge fear of bees, it’s my number one nightmare.
Anyway I used a bug bomb in the garage without a second thought to the birds.
Had it been in the winter time with our forced air heater (in the garage) it would have been more difficult.
But it must have been summer, bees don’t swarm in winter here And we use a swamp cooler for air conditioning in brings in fresh air from rooftop and creates a positive pressure inside the house thus forcing air in the garage away from the interior of our house.

We had no problem from the bug bomb but as you can see my condition was very different from your concerns.

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