Issue with my lovebird Eggs


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Dec 30, 2016
Hello everybody, this is my 1st thread in this great forum, I have 2 couples of peach-faced lovebirds, first couple laid 4 eggs, the 1st was on Dec 6th, the hen started to incubate the eggs regular from the 1st day, it is 25 days now since laying the first egg and still did not hatch, I do candling and these are the results;

For egg #1

egg #2

egg #3

egg #4

Actually I don't know which pic for which egg number, as I am not marking the eggs and the numbers here for count only, but it passed now 25 days for the 1st egg, 23d for the 2nd, 21d for the 3rd and 19d for the last one, all birds are in good health with no any symptoms for diseases.

The 2nd couple laid 6 eggs, the 1st was on Dec 8th, the hen start to incubate the eggs after the 4th egg, there are 2 eggs looks not fertile as it is totally clear but the other 4 are all good but still not hatch.

My concern is about are these eggs good or not?, and usually how long it will take for hatching normal fertile eggs?, I have excellent history in budgie but it is the 1st time for me to breed Lovebirds, from online data it said from 21-24 days, but I am sure the experience has a great role.

The weather in my region is really cold reaching sometimes 6 C, and the cages are in the terrace.

So what I should do, just wait or I should candle the eggs or what?, thanks.


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Sep 14, 2013
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The pictures aren't clear enough for me to tell much, but they certainly are not about to hatch. Is that dark spot on the first few photos an injury? The eggs may be dead but I would expect more of a green brown color than a red yellow color if so, but you can never tell what is just the camera even looking at pics.

Are you sure you have opposite gender pairs? How old are they? How are they housed? What is their diet? How do they interact? What sort of a nest are they using?

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Dec 30, 2016
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Thanks SilverSage for your support,

regarding your queries;

Are you sure you have opposite gender pairs?
Yes I am sure as my friend is the one gave it to me, but this the 1st nest together, each was in other different couple and both gave successful nests.

How old are they?
I don't know this answer honestly, I will ask him and let you know.

How are they housed?
they are in separate cage large enough for their activities, it is in the terrace

What is their diet?
Striped Sunflower, Millet, Groats and sure fresh vegetables 3 times/week, water changed daily, I am not using chemicals such; Vitamins, Amino acids or antibiotics as I prefer natural sources. .

What sort of a nest are they using?
Actually I am using cockatiel nesting box for more comfort for the birds and regarding nest material it is fine wood shavings.

How do they interact?
lovely and so nice together, no fights at all.

I hope I covered everything.


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Jan 23, 2017
Hi everyone,

I couldn't find a forum topic regarding my issue, so I decided to post it here, bcs it has to do with laying eggs and I feel it is important to share. My poor peach-faced lovebird was eggbound 10 days ago, and almost died. I was so lucky we reacted really fast and got the appointment with the vet in a matter of seconds. He managed to gently pull the egg out, otherwise she would have died in severe pain in a matter of hours. I am sure you all know how serious this issue is for female birds, it does happen if they lay a couple of eggs in a short period of time - mostly due to calcium loss, I have been said. It is so sad. Anyway, we were so happy that everything ended well that day, but since then, she has not been herself. Her antibiotic treatment is behind us now, she is getting extra calcium and minerals, she must not eat fruit and foods that make her produce hormones etc. We are keeping her warm and comfy and monitor her all the time, but the recovery seems so slow. She is not chirpy, she seems a bit depressed, her feathers do seem a bit "wet" all the time, she is weak, can barely fly or wishes to stay in the cage all the time etc. Sorry if the story is too long, I just felt the urge to share it because I felt it was important. My question is, has anyone had a similar issue and what do you think we should do to help our little birdie to fully recover? I'd appreciate any advice, thank you!!

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