Kakariki foraging box


May 4, 2019

A simple under bed storage container from the local hardware store about 3 inches deep. Still needs clean dry leaves to be added for the full effect. From what I have seen scratching about through leaf litter to find food seems to be a HUGE part of Kakariki behaviour. They will jump into a full feed dish and dig looking for that perfect morsel. Unfortunately they fling perfectly good food out in this search. This helps to fulfil that need and help contain the mess

A modified variation on this would work for other birds who like time on the ground. Loaded with twigs, clean dry leaves, raw wooden beads/cubes, dried corn husk, twists of paper and whatever else you can think of to produce several layers for them to sift through to find the hidden treats.

Great for those who like the odd insect as well. Toss in a couple of mealworms and let your bird hunt them down. Kakariki are supposed to like insects. Mine took one look and ran away.

Most of the seed in the bottom are empty husks. They have to work for a feed. Probably not the greatest setup as I'm still tweaking it but you should get the concept. Hopefully it gives people some ideas to try.


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Jul 11, 2018
Umbrella Cockatoo- 15? years old..I think?
It's cool- I would just caution that for many birds, something like this could be a hormonal trigger, as it is very nest-like, but nice inventive thinking on your part (love the foraging idea)--I just know that would make my bird super nesty.

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