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Jul 14, 2015
Queens NY
Green Cheek Conure (Mochi)
Gold Capped Conure (Mango)
Just letting the forum go'ers here know in a bit of bad news that my home was burgled 11-27-18. Fortunately, Mango & Mochi (home at the time) were un-harmed. I had cameras, one of which was knocked out. They threw a rock through my (un-barred) rear-kitchen window, then pushed the mesh-screen in and climbed up off of stacked backyard chairs, and cleared out the SO's jewelry, my laptop, her cameras and old phones, and so on in a matters of minutes. I interrupted them as I came home early from work at 3:30 in the afternoon.

We've since got a newer alarm system, and I've put bars on the lower windows (not that it'll stop a truly determined intruder). With the broken window replaced just this last Friday, some sense of normalcy is returning. But I just want everyone to bear in mind it seems to be the season not just for "porch pirates" but opportunistic day-time breakers-in. Be safe, and careful, and hope you and your flock are happy and well :].
I'm glad you are safe! Where they caught?! A couple of years ago I had two men outside my window, talking about if my lights had been off long enough for me to be asleep!!!! I had the lights off but was reading my Kindle...I was terrified I called 911 and they were at my house in like a minute, a sheriff lives 3 houses down.. but the guys weren't caught...
Wow, I’m glad you are safe and the birds were unharmed!
Scum of the earth! Smash and grab the quick turn stuff.

We use SimplySafe. There are an ever growing number of like systems out there today. The technology is turning so quickly that within five years there is solid reason to upgrade. No reason to go with the hardwired systems.

Sorry that they choose your home. So happy that the Birds had been left behind.
Thanks for the reminder, I need to complete the yearly paperwork for our Alarm User Permit.
HORRIBLE! But thank goodness you're all safe.

We just got a local security-company's system this year.

Stay safe!
I'm so happy they did not take the birds. What a nightmare even so.
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Indeed. Letting the SO know that they were OK was second text right on the heels of 'wtf someone's here' as I was entering. We're using that SimpliSafe system as well. It's easy to setup and and gives some peace of mind thanks to remote monitoring/notifications/etc.

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