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Sep 14, 2021
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So my male and female corellas finally laid and egg and it must of hatched. as one day while out the back doing things i could hear a baby squaking to be fed. I knew it was coming from my corellas as the male was the only one out. About 2 weeks ago to now i havent heard the baby at all. So i went in to check carefully just as the male can attack sometimes only cause his orginally owner abused him and the girl isnt very friendly either and there was no baby in the box nothing at all? Could one of them killed the baby? I dont understand how i heard it for a few weeks then all of a sudden nothing. Will they breed again this year or will i have to wait till next year till they have anymore. I think next time when i hear a baby i will have no choice but to go in and take it away straight away since i have no idea what has happen to this baby. If anyone could help me or give me some advice that would be greatly appreciated.


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Aug 21, 2010
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Absence of the baby suggests parents either unable, unwilling to raise or birth defect rendering it unviable. A fate too awful to contemplate though inexplicably gone. An inexperienced pair often takes several clutches to find their way to successful parenthood. Such is the occasional heartbreak of breeding.

I'll share the tale of my Goffins pair, similar in size and characteristics as Little Corellas. Seven years in my home until first clutch yielding single chick. All appeared well until day five; absence of peeping, parents happily outside nest box. My mom was off work, peeked inside and noticed tiny grey, shivering baby. Made decision to pull and hand-feed until autonomously viable. Well, that was an arduous round the clock task for weeks, gradually progressing until she slept most of the night! No viable eggs following season, though they gifted us with two additional live births following consecutive years. In all three cases, abandonment within days. At that point we removed next box - fast forward two plus decades and we have a family of five, including three gorgeous, tame Goffins!

Breeding not for the faint of heart though the results can be magnificent. That which reproduces becomes your responsibility, often at great personal challenge. One must be prepared to remove chicks and hand feed from early stage if parents prove feckless or incompetent.

Please read linked breeding thread for overview of potential pitfalls and solutions. Forewarned is forearmed! Not sure if they will breed again this season!

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