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Nov 20, 2018
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So I’ve officially had enough of the bird room’s funky lighting (lit by 3 small E12 incandescent lights on the ceiling fan), and I’m looking for a decent upgrade. I’m thinking two 4ft fixtures that could be linked with a led 5000k light? What would y’all recommend?

Edit: they would be placed above their cages, at least 4ft away.


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Jul 10, 2015
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I really like David's suggest above!

Personally, I think you are overkilling the application unless you have a large dark room you are attempt to light. As, the units you are considering will place a larger amount of Daylight level light into an average size room, with commonly lighter wall colorings and a couple of windows.

So, before you begin down this road to a light level that is comfortable for everyone and just as important: ADJUSTABLE. What side room do you have. What uses are common in the room and how often will it need to be lite.

At present, you have a ceiling fixture with a fan and light fixture. If you can use David's recommendation, "Please first Read the Maximum Bulb Size (provided in watts) that the light fixture can except." NO NOT place larger watt bulbs than stated on the Fixture!!! This would represent a Fire Hazard.

NOTE: Daylight LED Bulbs can easily provide to much light for evening /night time use as they 'can' trick the mind into believing that it is High Noon and that over time will resent one's body clock, which can lead to sleep problems.

I like either floor or table lamps as they can be moved to improve lighting in different areas of the room and the number used can adjust light by increasing the number of lamps turned-on. Also, always use shades to direct light up or down for general lighting (up) or specific lighting (reading lamp) (down).

I strongly recommend (whenever possible) to used Dimming Light Fixtures as they allow greater adjustment of available light. Remember that you MUST buy LED light bulbs that are designed to be dimmed!!!

Placing light bulbs too close to you Parrot and yourself: In a table lamp fixture, set the bulb the distant you place to use it from yourself or your Parrot. Looking at the bulb, turn and and and quickly turn it off. If you have blank stops, its to close to your and your Parrots face!!!

Warning: Too much light, too close to the eyes can cause blindness!

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