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It really is amazing to see all the wildlife just roam in for a drink and roam out again. A few people I know have also seen some Big Cats, I haven't been that lucky yet. :(
I've seen lots of deer and a strange big bird looked like a raptor of some kind. Also there was an amazing shooting star! Have you seen the huming bird cam??? that is really cool you can see the little guys up close like you can't in real life.
just saw some zebras man that thing is addictive i leave it on my desktop all the time now this afternoon i was actually looking forward to tonight when it would be daylight over in africa!
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Yeah have mine running all the time, Have even put it on my hubbys laptop so I can watch while I'm working, otherwise no work gets done here. :D Has anyone managed to catch the elephants yet, they are really awesome. I don't get to see the early morning drinkers as I'm only an hour behind Africa. :mad: And there's no way I'm getting out of bed at 2/3.00 am

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