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Jan 25, 2016
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I thought I was set on getting a female BHP, but now learning that males tend to talk than females, I'm rethinking if I should get a male The only thing that's stopping me from getting a male is the aggressiveness that will potentially present itself down the road. I do have three kids two of them being in the toddler/pre-k age.

Those that have females pionuses, does your talk at all?


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Jan 19, 2014
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I believe they 'can' talk :). I had a female who passed away who didn't. Keep in mind though, not all males talk either. Though my male Raven seems like a decent talker, Pionus aren't a species known for it. Many males do not talk. Even the better talking species like African Greys, not all of them talk either, so keep in mind there is never a guarantee. It really depends on the individual. :)

As far as the personality in males, you just have to learn to read them really well and respect their moods, in much the same way as you hear about the related Amazons. More males might have a tendency to be pickier about who handles them too, even if socialized.

Personally, if I had a choice, and if I had small children, I would opt for a female, having had both, and hearing other people's accounts of both mature males and females. Of course that's not to say females don't bite ever, and especially if it had a less than optimal upbringing in the case of a rescue or rehome, you can have a difficult female too.
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Jan 12, 2016
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Jimmy female wcp doesn't talk and shows no interest in learning. She barely vocalizes at all. She will kiss and most of the whistles she does are a mimic of my conure. Only her loud call and distress calls are hers.

Pionus are nice because when they do not want you to do something, they are very clear in their body language and behavior and tell you to stop! The bites come when you don't listen. My experience with them is they won't try to trick you like some other parrots do. Gotta love how upfront they are :)


Jul 30, 2014
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I have a male wcp and he is 21 months old. He can and will bite hard if he wants to. I have gotten very good at learning his body language and can tell now when he is in a mood. I usually get bit when he is overly excited. Otherwise he is very friendly. He does have an expanding vocabulary. He says: what r u doing?, good morning, pretty bird, pretty good morning, I love you, its yummy, hey baby, peek-a-boo. Seems like he is picking stuff up all the time. I love him to pieces.
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