Minnie: Rambling about my cute elderly dog

This is Minnie, the black lab / tri color border collie mix. She is somewhere over 13 years old, or at least that's about how long my family has had her since she was rescued! She was always a very sweet little girl, and even with a bit of grey on her muzzle she's still a playful puppy.


She's dual coated the shedding can be horrible, but nothing an undercoat brush and (several) thorough house cleanings can't fix! We taught her not to bark unless playing at the dog park, so instead she picks up toys, growls, and "sneezes" to show excitement. Her growl can spook strangers since she sounds a bit like a deep-throated rottweiler, though it is hilariously contrasted by her "come pet me please" sit and tail wag. She is the gentlest dog with both people and animals, and was very kind to our two cats (who were several years older than her, now deceased).

Minnie was an outside dog most of her life until a particularly harsh California summer last year when we brought her indoors full time. We thought she wouldn't like being indoors so much, but she absolutely loves her people and seems to think this is the best gig ever. More than anything she enjoys sleeping in my bedroom (in her own cozy bed) and helps me keep a regular schedule with her "can we go to bed?" look if it's past 8:30pm. She enjoys regular brushing and daily walks, which help keep me in better health too.

If anyone is considering a family dog, or even a personal companion dog, I cannot recommend this mix enough. Heck, I'm not even much of a dog person! Like all of our rescue pets, she has been a blessing to love and cherish. Labrador and border collie personalities mesh very well. Maybe keep the dog outside for as long as possible to avoid hair on everything.


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Nov 6, 2013
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada
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What a beautiful girl that Minnie is! I'm so glad you rescued her, and by the sweet look on her face in those pics it looks like she's really happy about that too ❀️

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