Mr. TryIt


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Sep 7, 2006
I feel that I have to include this guy. He is the quietest Macaw EVER. Doesn't need a cage or food but is one wonderful guy. I have used him to help train Bucc with the harness, I hasten to add that the harness that Mr. TryIt is wearing is his and not Bucc's, who would not let this one near him.

Meet Mr TryIt.
He has been in my family now for about 15 years, Doesn't he look good for a 15 year old. :D
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What you mean he's stuffed. :17: He's not real.

Just kidding with ya. :D
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He is lovely, I've also got a Grey, Have to get some pics posted of all my cuddly birds. :D

Yeah I would love a Blue & Gold.
Hahahaha! You guys are halarious! I dont have any stuffed parrots, i have an owl though.
I have a stuffed lorikeet I got at the san diego zoo I think that is about it in the way of stuffed birds though

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