My IRN keeps knocking the food/water boxes off the cage


Sep 26, 2015
Koni (ring-necked parakeet)
Those boxes that you put and attach to your cage for your parrot do eat/drink from. Well my parrot started chewing everything and he loves it, as is tradition. But he started chewing the boxes and started pulling them off and then knocking them down. With water and food in them.
I always add a cuttlefish bone or some toy for him to play with but he still knocks the boxes off, especially the one with water.

So what's up with that? Can I somehow fix this? What are some better boxes that I can get that he can't knock down?



He chews literally everything. From wires to perches to mouse pads...everything
Yep, that's their job! What I do is I put the tray in crooked, with one side under the cross bar. This wedges it. Really ticked JoJo off at first!
It could be because those are the only toys he has. He needs lots of natural wood toys to chew on, enough to keep his big brain busy all day! Plastic perches are not idea, and a parrot who is chewing on the bars is usually doing so because they don't have enough toys, are in too small of a cage, or more often, both.
Is that the only perch he has as well? Research what bird- safe trees are in your area, and you can sanitize/ bake branches then simply notch the ends to make natural perches. That way you can replace them for free when they get worn out or dirty. And put them in at every which direction. My conure's favorite perch is a branch that is almost vertical. Get some skinny ones and some fat ones for good foot health.
These birds LOVE to work! Have a Google or forum search of foraging, and how to teach your parrot how to do it. Having food presented with challenge in a variety of ways may help save your food bowls and engage your IRN :)

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