My macaw shredding feathers like


Feb 9, 2020
Green winged macaw (2 years old) Named Zack
I went to see a vet too
He said nutrition is the problem so he gave him Nekton S .my Macaw Zac rejected vitamins in Water so I added them to his Boiled rice and he ate without any problem
He's so picky and avoids fresh fruits and veggies at any cosy,even Lafeber pellets ...I can't change his habits
Now he seems so passionate about his feathers and is always preening has been months that I'm noticing that his feathers are not that clean and healthy...they look shredded and broken and so messy...
I noticed these shredded feathers like threads on newspaper when I was cleaning him
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Please give me tips how to make him stop over preening
And I give him attention too...he is afraid of toys but plays with spoons and bowls...he also plays with me when he's outside his cage like Peek a boo...but he never steps up on my command,only when he likes to do so
And I sit with him all day long like a mother as I've no job


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Jul 10, 2015
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Thanks for bumping this Thread, Pipp!

Diet is a highly likely base problem, but likely not the only as poor diet commonly results in the slowing of feather loss as the Parrot's energy reserves are low and traditional to heavy molting, stops.

Sadly, more likely that your Mac is Barbering its feathers as part of over-preening. What is in-fact driving that behavior is not an easy process of determining. That said, getting or keeping your Mac busy and/or entertained does help. Since you are home, you can taxi your Mac everywhere by keeping him with you and while with you, teach him to entertain himself by providing bits of his standard meal and small foot toys to hold, carry or chew!

Step-up is very important, but I find that having a reason for step-up helps greatly as it reinforces the act of Stepping-up!

As a side note, consider lightly misting your Mac several times during the day from above. Target those areas that your Mac is working most often.

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