Need advice for new conure


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Aug 28, 2020
We just got a year old conure last week. His name is Rummy. He gets hyper and runs around the cage until we come over to him. Must be looking for attention. He'll let us pat him and rub his neck, but will not perch on our finger, and he'll bite if you try to pick him up. Is there a good trick to get him used to perching on out hand?

He's clipped , so I'd like to get him used to coming out of the cage, but we'll leave the door open and he won't come out on his own.

Any advice would be great.


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May 9, 2022
Indiana, USA
Ona: Dilute Green Cheek Conure
Welcome to the forums and congrats on the new Conure! What is his name? Is he a Green Cheeked Conure or another species?

Being active and climbing around the cage is pretty common for Conures. They can be little clowns and are great at keeping us entertained with their goofy, hyper energy.

It sounds like he’s just settling in to his new home and still getting to know you so I would suggest not trying to pick him up from inside the cage but instead let him come to you. The cage is their safe space and it can make them afraid when we stick our hands in there to grab them. Instead offer him a long piece of millet or a favorite treat from your hand with the cage door open. He should eat the treat from your hand and eventually you can make the millet piece shorter until he has to step up to eat it. As soon as he steps on his own say “step up, good bird!” in a very happy voice. As he learns to trust you he will step up easier and easier.

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