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Jan 24, 2006
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I have a pair of Senegals that have hatched two babies. Parents are being great at taking care of them.
Will post a picture when they come out for hand feeding. Right now, just two chubby blobs of white.

Oh can't wait to see the pics of your babies, How old are they.
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They are six and eight days old. Will be another week to ten days before they are out. But might get a photo sooner as I check them every day.

Oh I'll be waiting for those pics, a week to ten days, well guess its not too long, I'll just have to count the days.
Senies are sooo pretty...the coloring just rocks...I can't wait to see pictures! And dont forget to add some pictures to the photo Gallery!
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Thank you, Emily. I'll post there soon!

I, too, can't wait for pictures. Michael takes great pictures. :D
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Good Morning!
Since I couldn't wait myself to take some pictures of the babies, I snapped a quick one this morning during my routine inspections. Mom and Dad are very protective, but they let me borrow the two little one for their first 15 minutes of fame.
Hard to see details, but they are fat and sassy.

I'm really glad that you couldn't wait, I was gonna start a count down thread, as you can guess, very impatient me!!!!!!

They are so cute, please keep us updated on their progress and don't forget more pics, it will be great to be able to share them growing up. They are really lovely, Thank you Mum and Dad, you have beautiful babies.

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