New Eckie section?


Oct 8, 2006
South Africa
Dory - Cockatiel
Hey there! I'd like to know, since im crazy about this forum if you could include Eclectus section on the forums? I usually post in the "others" section, but since eckies are growing to be a great attraction:D on here, if we could include a seperate section on them too?

Thanx, let me know what you think!!

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Agh blah!!!:mad: Sorry about that, sounded rude! What i ment to say was, you guys are really great and made me feel right at home even if we are just a small family for now!

I would really like you to consider putting up a section on the Eclectus, since i am eckie mad and it would be great if visitors can jump right into that section. Please let me know what you think, would really appreciate it!!:D

Sorry again for the first post, was in a hurry, thought my mom was here!!

Thanx again for all your help and friendlyness!!!
I'll have a word with the powers that be and see what we can do. I'll let ya know as soon as I know.
I've just noticed how busy you've been today Johnny, and um thanks for the wonderful new title. :D

Maybe just for the wonderful new title, I just may visit Texas to say thanks in person. :18: :18: :18:

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