New Hahns Macaw one person bird?


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Apr 13, 2015
Melbourne, Australia
Hahns Macaw
We just brought home our new (4 month old) Hahns Macaw yesterday. This is my girlfriend and my first bird. He (we think) is a great bird, really well socialized and we loved him the moment we saw him. We visited him at the pet shop until we could afford to bring him home. Now, he is home. My girlfriend took the 2 hour round trip to get him and spent most of the day with him, I came home from work and all night he wanted to be with me. If she was holding him and he could see me he would try (and succeed) to jump or kind of fly (clipped wings) off her and onto me. My girlfriend has wanted a bird her whole life and hasnt been able to until now, where I am relatively new to birds. Basically, my girlfriend has become very disheartened that the bird "loves me more". I try and put him back onto her when he jumps on me but he just keeps trying to get back to me. What can I do (if anything) to try and make him not so keen to leave her for me? Thanks in advance.


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Mar 8, 2015
He might just be excited to greet the new person after having spent all day with your girlfriend. Give it some time, and make sure you both give attention and have personal time with the bird. He's brand new so you can still definitely influence him toward being a multiple-person bird!

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