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Aug 12, 2009
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Hi, My name is Billie I just bought my first parrotlett 2 days ago. His name is Petrie, I have carried him around on my shoulder since I have gotten him, but when I go to get him out of his cage in the mornings he runs from me. He is 9wks old. I have had cockatiels but got them when they were older and not tame, so was excited when I read about the pocket parrots and how they love to be with their human and how they bond. Have thought about buying one of those expensive tapes about training your bird, which don't mind the price if I really need it. Am I expecting to much to soon!:green2:

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Dec 28, 2007
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Am I expecting to much to soon!:green2:

Only 2 days? Your better than average if he'll be on your shoulder and be content with you at all. Give him time to settle in to his new home and new owner.

Strong bonds take time. How strong of a bond would their be if it was fully forged in two days?


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Dec 26, 2006
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the bonds that are formed the most quickly, crash and burn the fastest ... enjoy the pleasures of getting to know your new friend.


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Jul 18, 2009
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Well, here I am a total beginner and trying to act like some kind of "expert". However,the experience I DO have is with a baby so here are a couple of thoughts for what they're worth.
Remember that your baby has just had a major upheaval -- EVERYTHING in his life has changed. That cage is not only his home but probably his security.
My baby definitely did not like hands invading her cage the first couple of weeks. Nor was she very eager to come out. Two things that worked for me:
1. Try putting a stick or perch into the cage and encourage him to step onto it. Bring the birdie out of the cage on the perch and then transfer him onto your hand or shoulder.
2. Try just leaving the cage door open (only when you can keep an eye on it of course.) Eventually your little guy will get curious. When he shows signs of coming out, offer your hand OUTSIDE the door for him to step onto.
Although my baby no longer objects to my hand in her cage, unless I really need to get her out for some reason I generally just open the door and let her make the decision. Usually she is eager to join me outside, but if she would rather stay inside and play with her toys or just observe the world that is OK, she'll come out later.
Hopes this helps

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