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Sep 9, 2009
Hi there , I have just joined this forum to try and get any advice and help that I can.
Im about to buy my very 1st baby eclectus, a male. I have found a breeder near me who says that his babies are extremely friendly and very social. He says his babies are ideal and the type Im looking for.
I do know eclectus's require lots of attention and are very social birds. I have been doing a fair bit of reading about them online and I have just purchased a book on them. I have been wanting one for a few years. I also know that you cant get everything from a book and hands on experience is the best way to know about your bird, but ideas from experts would help a lot , whether it be a book or this forum.
My work hours are just 12 pw, so I dont work long hours at all.
Today though I had just recieved an email from a different breeder, I had written to a few the past week to try and locate the baby Im after.
This different breeder seems to be against eclectus's going to a first timer ??
I have never heard this before and she is saying a lot of things against it and still says " If I really want one that she will let me know " , just to make sure Im making the right decision here ".
Can somebody please tell me , anybody , if I may doing the wrong thing here. Are eclectus birds that hard to look after ??? I know they have a life span of up to 50 years, need lots of attention , I have all that.
But this is a first that I have had anybody try to discourage me from purchasing an eclectus ?
I will hopefully be buying him in the next day or 2. He is 12 weeks old and the breeder wont let him go for another 2 weeks.
Help or your thoughts would be very much appreciated, this other breeder has made me feel very lost now .
Thanks ,
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Dec 28, 2007
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Eclectus do has some particular dietary needs (which I know very little about as I have never had one). And they are not one of the first birds I think of to recommend to first time owners - but they certainly are not inappropriate for first time owners as I would say greys, many macaws, and most 'toos are.

If you are working 12 hours per week and spend much of the rest of the time at home I think that sounds like a great environment for an eclectus. But also keep the future in mind. Is the 12 hour schedule going to remain for many years to come? If not that certainly doesn't rule out getting a bird, but as you have noted they can live quite a long time, buying any parrot is a long term commitment.

It sounds like your are trying to learn everything you can which, regardless of what experience you have presently, suggests that you should make a good parrot owner.

Do consider the commitment you are making and be sure that is realistic for your future. This primarily applies to young people, high school age or so, who think they have much time and energy to devote to a bird. They may have that time now, but in only a few years much can change.

Other than that we do have some eclectus owners who can give some specifics, but in general I do not see any reason to rule out an eclectus.


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Jul 12, 2009
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Hi Robyn,
I have several birds and I have a pair of Eclectus and your first choice in getting a male is a good one my male is a lover the female well what can I say about her she is alot to handle, I adopted them but with lots of work she will be sweet as well. These birds do take alot of attention but they do like their lone time. I take my male Eclectus and Macaw with me when I go any where and if you have the books then you know what they need to be eating so I don't think you are going to have any problems.
I got my Blue and Gold Macaw when she was a baby and when I brought her home I still had to hand feed her, and no one can handle her but me cause she is my baby but all the rest anyone can handle with the exception of the female Eclectus and I have to becareful with her but both of them are older birds and was miss treated so they are still learning that everyone is not mean.
I say go for it but what ever you do just remember this is for life they are like childern,always wanting the love and attention..


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Jul 18, 2009
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they are cool birds. i had the privledge of handling one about 8 years ago. when i bought a new cage for my conure, they had a female. the owner let me handle her. she stepped right up on my arm & let me pet her. very cool.they have different kinds of feathers than other parrots.

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