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Apr 14, 2013
Leeds UK
Ducorps Cockatoo
Hi everyone always had budgies and a cockatiel.But saw advert from someone who wanted to sell there 8month old Ducorps Cockatoo due to allergies.So went to have a look and bought it there and then.Looked in good condition quite friendly only thing i noticed was tail feathers bit scratty but apart from that looked good.My wife tickled his head all way home and seemed to settle in straight away.Got cage set up put him in and he had a good feed then wanted to come out.So well pleased with him.
Only one thing how can you tell how old they are roughly any guidelines,I have birth certificate but sometimes my mind says is he really that young.
Thanks in advance and look forward to more posts in future.


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Nov 24, 2010
Nanday, suns, parrotlet, Patagonian
Hello Graham.....welcome to the forum.....

Young birds often make a mess of their tail feathers until they figure out they might need those, but they grow out of that stage...usually by their first molt.....

Hey, don't knock the young appearance, you may regret that some day, heck, I'm a member of the over-the-hill-gang but I still look 30.....actually the only way I would know of to tell his true age would be to wait 'til he starts talking & ask him.....

Congrats on your new feathered friend.....hope you get a lot of enjoyment from him.....

Oh, almost usually gets better answers around here.....

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