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May 11, 2018
2 Rosy Bourke's parrots
With my finches, it was the tail bobbing and breathing hard with their mouth open with no interest in eating or drinking. If they didn't try to get away from me when I reached into the cage was another sign.

If your girl is still moving around her cage and eating and drinking, that's completely different behaviour than with my finches when they were egg bound.

The only parrot I had who was egg bound was my pionus, Pisces. She was a prolific egg-layer and never had an issue with laying them, she laid every egg from her perch and they'd break when they hit the bottom. She also had no interest in sitting on them, we replaced with with dummy eggs and she ignored them.
She finally stopped laying for a couple of years, and then she got egg-bound. I could tell because she behaved differently She went to the bottom of her cage, and gasped with her tail moving like the finches did. Nothing I did was working and I called my vet who told me to bring her in. Sadly, she passed while we were on the way.

Her egg could be felt, like Donna had mentioned.

She confused me because about 24hrs before she dropped her last egg, she got on the floor of the cage, with her tail up like she was giving birth, and was breathing harder than she does at rest, but not hard with mouth open. But then after a little of that, she got up and did the normal stuff; perched, ate, pooped. Maybe she felt something move and…? Its her first time doing all this, so.

Today, she got up an hour ago and sat on the eggs, and now is eating. She’s got boiled egg shells and chopped kale, I put a little bit of strawberry on it to attract her and a sprinkle of seeds.
I’m thinking that when I get the Calcivert today, I should maybe put tiny amount in her water? Because she’s been doing this for going on 2 weeks, and she had her 5th egg yesterday. Shes such a small bird. I can’t be sure shes eating the eggshells or kale, she moved the shells around, I see)and maybe the cuttlebone isn’t enough.

I’ve read up on Pionuses, and they are one of my favorite big parrots. They seem to have such a great mellower personality. I’m so sad to hear she passed this way. Did the Calcivet not work for her, either?
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