Normal Amazon Behavior?

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Feb 3, 2008
Hey Everyone,

I am curious about the behavior of my Amazon parrot. He's a lilac crowned amazon and he adores me but anyone else gets close to him he'll go out of his way to strike at them. I'm curious if this is normal behavior for an Amazon or not. I have no trouble with him, I can hold him, scratch his head, play with him (I'll tug at his beak as a game hehe), I can turn him upside down and hold him ... he'll fly to me, etc. But he's VERY antisocial. However, he does like it when people talk to him, just don't go near him.

So ... is this normal? Is there a way to socialize him?


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Dec 26, 2006
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Yeah, there is a way to socialize him ~ he's 5 yrs-old, that's what you wrote in your introduction, right?!

I would suggest that you try taking him with you on outings, going to the pet shop to grab some pellets, take him with you (in a safe manner, harness, proper wing clip, etc.) as long as you feel safe bringing Archie with you. Let him see other people, let him interact with other people (talking, no touching!) you will need to judge his comfort level ...

Have people over, one at a time, don't overstimulate him (danger, Will Robbinson, danger!) and let them interact with him.

Hamlet and Mac are both this way, they hate it when Christy and I have people over (the go into full on "get outta my nest" mode: Hissing, lunging, swaying back and forth ... it's kinda funny) and their little beaks can barely break the skin, Archie can do some serious damage so it's best to get that under control. We recently had a break through though, this couple that are very good friends with us were over about 3 weeks ago, and Hamlet finally (after like 6 visits) got up the courage to go to the guy and stepped up for him and crawled up his arm to his shoulder and didn't rip off his ear (yeah!) and sat there and figured out that this guy was o.k. ...

I am sure you will get much more info on this topic, this is an especially important topic with 'Zons and Macs so I will be interest to hear what the rest of the group has to say!



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Jan 15, 2007
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Have you tried letting other people handle him in neutral territory? Sisqo is usually quite a grump about letting anyone besides me take him off of his cage, but if I take him off his cage and then pass him on to someone, he's cool with it. It sounds like with your Amazon he might need to be taken to a place where he can't see his cage, and then let someone else handle him. I just suggest that because there are some times when Sisqo is feeling very anti-social and if he sees his cage he will just fly back to to it.

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