normal bird poop? concerned


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Mar 5, 2024
amazon yellow nape
hello, I recently (about a week in) have started to give my parrot chop. (yellow naped amazon parrot) before that i just did bird seed, which i have mostly eliminated now. she is used to nuts and seeds so i expected some changes in her droppings but i keep getting confused mixed answers from google and photos. i will attach a photo below. today’s chop was; lettuce, spinach, strawberries, coconut. i’m getting a bit concerned as her droppings have been more wet but i read its due to the water in the fruits/veggies. nonetheless just wondering if anybody can help me in the right direction. it’s night as i’m writing this and i’m keeping an eye on her. i’m planning on calling vets around me tomorrow to get her a check up just incase. she has also started squawking a bit which is also concerning me because my cockatoo did the same thing and then died. we believe he had heart failure / kidney failure. anyway, thank you in advance.


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