out of cage stratagy


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Dec 24, 2006
Is it a good rule maybe, to only ever let skippah out of his cage after dark?
If ever there is an accident like an open door, there is little chance of losing him forever. I am campaigning against wing clipping in my household and I need a stronger arguement to win.
With a cat and a dog having free reign round here, I want skippah as tooled up as can be to take control of the pet situation.
Debbie says clip his wings or never let him out.
I am thinking, stay fully flighted and only fly round inside the house after dark?

Also I plan an out-door cage for during the day when were at work, then coming inside to a smaller cage when we get home, then out for a roam and a play around iside the house after dark.
Back into the indoor small cage for sleep, then out-side in the morning when we go to work.

My main question is (FINALLY), is that a fair and humane life for the bird?
is it enough of a mix?


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Sep 7, 2006
As responsible bird owners we have to do whatever is best for our birds and if that is the best situation for your family and bird then that is the best. As long as he isn't getting bored being in a cage you should be fine.

Is he going to be safe outside when you are at work. :eek: If we left Bucc outside he'd be gone when we came back. (sad really, but thats how people are over here:( ) Skippah will be getting fresh air sun and the enjoyment of being able to talk to the birds that will be about. Personally I love to see fully flighted birds and when there are other pets about (like here, dogs and cats) I know he has the ability to be able to get away from a potential bad situation. Also don't forget the saliva from a cat is REALLY BAD for Skippah. Hope this helps. Let us know who wins this one. You or Debbie. :D

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