Parrot safe plants - any favorites?


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Jun 25, 2019
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So, I have an herb garden in my bird room, but I want to add some more greenery to the bird room, as I am in here a lot too and I rather like having lots of plants!

I got a massive spider plant (chlorophytum comosum) which I know for sure is safe. Humorously, the plant and pot are a hefty 10lb though, so I’ve had to improvise to find a spot to hang them!

I’d like to get some acrylic shelving to suction mount to my window. Anyone have any favorite plants? I would love to try African violets again. I think they’d do well in a window mounted tray. I have a small army of (cat and dog safe) orchids also upstairs, and I’d be happy to move some down here also!

I keep seeing that rubber tree plants are parrot safe, which surprised me, because they’re not great for dogs or cats. Some of the lists I’ve seen them on however are from veterinary offices, so I assume it’s legitimate. I have a little one I got from a friend that I’d be happy to pop down to my office if that’s an option!

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