Pet pairings


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Aug 15, 2014
Hi all! Hope you and your birds are doing well!

I wanted to ask if one is adopting a pair of BGs as pets is it better to get opposite sex birds or same sex birds? I am asking this because I watched a YouTube video where a couple adopted a pair of BG and they started to build nests when they hit puberty. Eventually they chose the bathroom as a nesting site. they dragged whatever they could get hold of towels and what not into a corner of the bathroom and spent all of their time there. Then they became aggressive and would not allow their owners anywhere near the nest. Not just aggressive but out for blood kind of aggressive.

So, it got me thinking if it was possible to avoid this by keeping same sex parrots together of the same species. What would be the difference between keeping two BG males vs two BG females together? Whatever scenario is better would it apply to a seperate species such as Alexandrines as well?

And also, what would be the scenario if there were an Alexandrine male and a BG female or vice versa to be housed together?

Thank you for taking out the time to go through my message. I am looking forward to your response :)

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