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Jul 20, 2022
I have previously owned one cockatiel and two budgies. I currently own one sulphur crested cockatoo
*This contest is not sponsored by ParrotForums. If you have an issue please contact the OP/game creator, who very kindly created this game and will be sending out a toy they make as the prize. You must get approval from Mods/Admins to start a contest. ~The PF Mod Team

*Disclaimer from me: I really hate typing (and reading) long paragraphs, so I made this as short as possible. If anyone has any questions or anything I missed, please let me know! ~Ollie

Welcome to the first ever PF Art Contest!
Here are the rules:

1. Draw your parrot! It can be in any style you would like. At the end of April, there will be a poll to determine the winner. If the winner lives in the USA, I will ship a customized toy to them. If not, I will donate a custom toy in their honor to a US rescue of the winner's choice!

2. You must draw YOUR parrot. No one else's parrot.

3. The art must be yours. No stealing other people's art or asking others to draw art for you.

4. Don't be shy to draw! It doesn't matter if you're not as good as other people, this is a fun contest, we love all entries!

5. Please add a description of the art, or at least tell us which bird is being depicted in it.

6. Please specify if the art is a Just For Fun (JFF) entry, or an Official entry.

Happy parronting, have fun!

Is this contest still open? If not, will there be another one?
Not open for further replies.

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