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Dec 21, 2023
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I've had Kiwi for about 3 years and we've built a very special bond. She was really sweet to me, loved cuddles, but did have her moody days. Last year I was severely depressed and struggled a lot with my mental health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, I wasn't giving Kiwi as much attention as I used to. It's been a little over a year now and I'm in a much better state. As for Kiwi, she has been very difficult to handle, which I understand why but was wondering if anyone can give me tips or advice.
She has been very aggressive, biting me with so much force. I've had 3 lovebirds in my lifetime and I have never experienced something so painful. She draws blood with every bite. She wants to be with me, on my shoulder, but she just lunges at me and attacks for no reason. So I proceeded to let her hang out on my finger, rather than keeping her close to my face. But then she'll start preening my skin aggressively.. What can I do to warm her up to me again and stop with the biting madness!
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