Jun 23, 2021
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Sun Conure and Umbrella Cockatoo
Hey all. I have an umbrella cockatoo named Cody and he?s 3 years old. I recently adopted him from someone that had to give him up due to lack of time. I?ve had Cody for only 4 months but wow I?m amazed. He has trusted me a lot even though he was super shy at first. Not going to lie, I am super thankful for our bond. He cuddles with me, comes to me, lays with me, preens me, and cuddles next to my chest and just grabs my hand. He doesn?t show this to anyone else though. He can even be aggressive with the people in my house. Maybe he?s just built different idk. But what I meant by that is he?s built different because he seemed to take a short amount of time to warm up to me. Not going to lie, I?ve made several mistakes with him such as chasing him to put him back in the cage, making him step up because I was so anxious to start bonding with him even if he didn?t want to. And several more. I thought these things would definitely break our trust and the bond would become weakened. But I was dumbfounded when he started to come to me and love me as his own. Again, I?m grateful. But can someone enlighten me on how this could have happened despite all the mistakes I?ve made with him? Thankssss. :)


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Aug 21, 2010
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Large cockatoos are among the most re-homed of parrots! Close bond with Cody and repeated forgiveness of mistakes likely result of being "chosen," the deepest of honors. Four months is well past the "honeymoon" so your relationship has past a steep hurdle. However, you can never be complacent with a U2, particularly during hormonal seasons. Teaching Cody a bit of independence quite helpful as they can become obsessive with dire results of plucking, screaming for attention, assorted bratty behaviors.

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