Questions/seeking QUIET bird/parrot!


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Sep 10, 2009
My wife and I have had our parrotlett for about 5 months now. I wasn't particularly thrilled with getting a bird, but what the wife wants she usually gets. Now that we've had him a while I really like our little parrotlett, and he likes me too... a bit too much. He doesn't really respond well to other people, he isn't aggressive, but is very skittish. We recently moved and it has gotten worse. If he is out of his cage he definetly prefers being around me to my wife, which makes her quite sad!

Now she wants another parrot/bird of some kind. Problem is we live in a small one bedroom apartment. So here is what we are looking for! 1. Something fairly small. 2. Something QUIET!!! Preferably as quiet as the parrotlett. I loathe "screaming". Our parrotlett's noises are actually quite pleasant. 3. Something that is "cuddly" with my wife. The new guy will obviously be kept seperate from the parrotlett. Price really doesn't matter as this is a 20 year investment.

Thanks for any help/suggestions!

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