Raising an orphaned squirrel


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Dec 27, 2006
Sulfur Crested Cockatoo ~ Blue Quaker to be
His name is Chippy. He is about 4wks old so next week he will have his eyes open...YAY. Enjoy the pics..I will post more as he gets older and gets his eyes open and stuff. I had to have these pics big so u guys could see him better:D ;)

I WANT ONE!!!!! LOL He is too cute!!! we have raised blue jays and robins and one time a baby sqirrel got in our house but he was quite a bit older so we put him on a tree in the backyard and he went back home. so anyway thanks for sharing the pictures know that I am so jealous I want my own Chippy although I would name it chucky then we would have chippy and chucky! on a sadder note my sweet little dog caught a squirrel the other day :( having that bulldog in her she popped it's neck in a snap so he never felt anything and he had been teasing her incessantly for a week or two he just finally got too brave. Keep us updated with how he is doing and if you find another one send him to me :)
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Aww poor squirrel...our cat tries but can never get ahold of one. I will keep you guys updated on how he is doing. I dont think I would be able to send a baby to you though lol:)
I used to have a couple pet squirrels... think there is a picture around here of me in my pj's with one on my heiney... i was maybe 7 yrs old. lol
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It makes me sad when I hold him because I used to have sugar gliders and its so like them, but there new owners didnt do something right and my two old buddies died:( They were so cute and nice too....so Im in love with Chippy too (the squirrel).
I love squirells too ... taste just like chicken ...


not a big fan of squirells, never thought of them as pets ... hold that thought, Hamlet is screaming ... :eek: :52:
omg! that squirrel is the cutest!i want one too lol. are you gunna keep it as a pet like forever.. or are you going to release it to the wild, or are you gunna give it to likea wild aniaml shleter or anything like that?
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I think its going to be part of our family forever:)
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Yea permits are required in alot of places. Im not sure about here though. We havent taken it to the vet yet...idk if the parents will or not because we dont have ne small animal or exotic vets around our area.
OMG he's adorable, we have hundreds of squirrels running round here, we have a woods at the back of the house so have always got squirrels during the day and foxes at night. Bucc usually sits and talks to one particular squirrel and he sits on the fence almost like he's taking notice of what Bucc is saying to him. :D
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That is so cool how BUCC and the squirrel talk to each other in a way. Hmm what are they sayin lol "Peanut stash in the cuboard...mom leaves at 2":33: :D lol
"Peanut stash in the cuboard...mom leaves at 2"

:52: Oh my, THAT'S FUNNY!! But I think there is more to this conversation ...

"Peanut stash in the cuboard, mom leaves at 2. Watch out for THE OTHER ONE he'll tell, you have to take him out! Wahahahahaha"
Yeah thats about right, :D

Mr S is also telling Bucc they need to take the dog out, (Rex, the youngster) He sees anything in the garden and he has to remove it, Birds, Squirrels, Flys, Wasps n Bees :eek: anything. So I think he's the first one to be taken out, then Kito. :D
Cute pics of the squirrel. I'm afraid of squirrels though, got attacked at the zoo as a young child.....yeah, memories :(

And yes, they are very muc like a sugar glider, except sg's are so much smaller. How soft is a squirrels hair? I think it would seem coarse, not at all soft like a sugar gliders.
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Chippy's hair isnt course yet..but it will. S.G's are soooooooo much softer like vevet and smaller and cuter:)
I know! Mine used to love curling up on the back of my neck under my hair.
:( I miss the little guy.

Oh well, I hope everything goes great with Chippy
Keep us informed of how he is doing with regular updates and pics.

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