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RIP, Pinchie


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Jul 29, 2015
Dallas, TX
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My moms quaker died this morning. My mother had taken some meat out early in the morning to thaw. She was flying around a bit and found her way into the kitchen. She was by herself for about a minute. During that time, she ate some of the raw bloody meat. She began showing signs of sickness fairly quickly, she died at the vet. Her name was Pinchie. She was only 6 months old. Right now my mom feels horrible and has been crying seemingly non stop. She also has a conure, she asked me last night if my wife and I could keep the conure until things settle down for her. She's going through a lot of health issues on top of the loss off Pinchie.

Fly away friend.
Oh no, I am so sorry:(
My heart goes out to your Mom.
Fly free, Pinchie.
Oh my gosh, Stephen! I am so sorry. :( Now I know why you have the Nanday!

Please give your mom hugs from me...and some for you, too, my friend.

Fly free, Pinchie!! :smile015:
I'm so sorry to hear that your mom lost her baby :(. Hugs to your mom, Stephen.
Please tell your mom I am so very sorry to hear of Pinchie's passing.
Stephen, Deepest Condolences to your mother for the loss of her baby Quaker, I'm so sorry.

Fly Free Little One
Oh I'm so sorry about Pinchie! Fly free little bird, you will be missed dearly :(
I am still upset over this, also because I never saw this as a danger! I need to ask, is this food poisoning? Or something else?
I am so sorry, Stephen. Hugs to your mom as she is grieving the loss of Pinchie.
I'm so sorry to hear this. I wouldn't of thought about this, till our starling did that. Since then I always leave things in the microwave that need defrosting. The starling being mostly a carnivore may be able to handle the bacteria better, but if Foo were to mimic him...

I hope your Mom is able to pull through her grief and health issues so she may enjoy her conure again.
Oooh I'm so sorry for your moms loss..give her a big hug for me. Flboy had a great question about food poisoning...sissy is left alone ,fully flighted a lot ...geez I'll have to put the meat in the fridge.
Pinchie is fine now, flying free in Heaven. Sometimes things happen that we have no control over no matter how careful we are. I understand what your mother is going through. My brother and sister in law had to take care of my daughter because I was so distraught losing my orange winged amazon child

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